Chapter 2 – PR History Recap

Early Beginnings – “Common Sense”, Thomas Paine; The Boston Tea Party

Press Agentry & Hype- Used PR to get people to travel out West on the railroads;  Hum Thumb

PR Pioneers- Bernays Campaign (Father of PR); Elanor Lambert (Successful in fashion PR)

PR Comes of Age- Fast growing occupation; Women become more predominant.

Evolution Era- Feminization (Women’s percentage moves from 41% to 70%); Two-Way Symmetric (Grunig states there should be feedback from the company to the audience and form the audience to the company.); referred to as Relationship Management in 2000.

Next 50 years- More multi-cultural; Cater to older people: “babyboom” generation is aging.


~ by BHUG on February 4, 2009.

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