Chapter 3 Ethics and Professionalism


  • Ethics refers to a person’s value system and how he or she determines right or wrong.
  • There a re three basic value orientations: (1) Absolutist, (2) Existentialist, (3) Situationalist

Ethical Advocate

  • Because of the concept of role differentiation, society understands that the advocate os operating within an assigned role.

Professional Organizations

  • Most professional oraganizations have published codes of conduct and educational programs.


  • True public relations professionals have a loyalty to a higher standard and to the public interest.


  • Practitioners voluntarily go through a process in which they are “certified” by a national organization that they are competent, qualified professionals.

Ethical Dealings in the Media

  • Achieving trust is the aim of all practitioners, and it can only be achieved through highly professional and ethical behavior.
  • It is for this reason that public relations practitioners should not undermine the trust of the media by providing junkets of doubtful news value, extravagant parties, expensive gifts, and personal favors for media representatives.



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