Chapter 4 “Public Relations Departments and Firms

Importance in Today’s World

  • Executives increasingly see public relations not as publicity and one way communication, but as a complex and dynamic process of negotiation and compromise with a number of key publics.

Importance of Organizational Structure

  • The most admired Fortune 500 coorporations, in terms of reputation, tend to think of public relatiosn as more of a strategic management tool.

Names of Departments

  • Coorporate communications, communications, corporate relations, markteting and corporate affairs, investor relations, public affairs, and external affairs.

Line and Staff Functions

  • A line manager, such as a vice president of maunfacturing, can delegate authority, set production goals, hire employees, and directly influence the work of others.
  • Staff people in contrast, have little or no direct authority. They indirectly influence the the work of others through suggestions, recommendations, and advice.

Sources of Friction

  • Legal – concerned with the possible effect of any public statement on current or potential litigation.
  • Human Resources – beleive they should control the flow of information.
  • Advertising – compete  with funds to communicate with external audiences. “Will it increase sale?”
  • Marketing- Tends to think only of customers or potential buyers.

Public Relations Firms (Services They Provide)

  • Marketing communications – promotion of products.
  • Executive speech training – Top executives are coached on public affairs activities.
  • Research and evaluation – Measure public attitudes and perceptions.
  • Media analysis – examined for targeting specific messages to key audiences.

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