Seth Godin’s “Tribes” Video

Seth Godin states that belonging to a tribe is a fundamental element of being a human being. During our lifetime there has been three big tribes: Church, Work, and Community. These three tribes have been constant throughout history. Human beings like doing what other human beings in their tribes like to do.  We watch fictional tribes on televsion and their habits slwoly leak into our real world lives.  Sports fans are rooting for themselves, because when their hometeam wins they win.

There is a difference between a crowd and a tribe. A crowd is a bunch of people. A tribe on the other hand is a bunch of people who share a common connection, interest, or message.

Crowd generation: give me money, I can buy you a crowd. Marketers want to do this so they can feel like they are in control.

It is more difficult to EARN a tribe, but it is way more powerful.  Word of mouth is way better than crowd generation. Unlike crowd generation, it does not cost money to build a tribe. Once a tribe is in plce, it grows and becomes more powerful orgaically. Though tribes do not need money to be made, they are not completely free. It takes a large amount of effort, which is an expense, to make and maintain a tribe.

A tribe can not be controlled. There is no ne person that can tell the people in a tribe what to do. However, there can be leaders  in a tribe that guide and help the tribe.

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~ by BHUG on April 3, 2009.

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