Chapter 8 “Evaluation”

The Purpose of Evalauation

  • Evaluation is the measurement of results against objectives.
  • Evaluation can enhance future performance and establish whether the goals of management by objective have been met


  • Before any public relations program can be properly evaluated, it must have a clearly established set of objectives.
  • Public relations personnel and management should agree on the criteria that will be used to evaluate success in attaining objectives.
  • Don’t wait until the end of the public relations program to determine how it will be evaluated.
  • There are Informational and Motivational objectives.

Measurement of Production

  • One elementary form of evaluation is to simply count how many news releases, feature stories, photos, letters, and the like are produced in a given time period.


Measurement of Message Exposure

  • The most widely practiced form of evaluating public relations programs is the compilation of print and broadcast mentions.

Measurement of Audience Awareness

  • Determine whether the audience actually became aware of the message and understood it.

Measurement of Audience Attitudes

  • Baseline study – a mesurement of audience attitudes and opinions before , during, and after a public relations campaign.

Measurement of Audience Action


Measurement of Supplemental Activities

  • Communication Audits
  • Pilot Tests and Split Messages
  • Meeting and Event Attendance
  • Newsletter Readership

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