Podcast : On the Record…Online – David Carr of NYT’s Keynote at PRSA


Eric Shwartzman : Friday, July 18, 2008 / 10:43am

Carr is recorded at the Digital Impact Conference in New York. He talks about a number of different topic pertaining to the media, new media, and public relations professionals.

 These are just a few things that I picked up from his speech at the conference that really interested me.

Carr  begins talking about the changing advancements  in the media. He said in 1988 a news editor asked Carr to fax a story over to him, and he had no idea what the editor was talking about. The editor explained that if he went to Kinko’s they would have a machine that would scan Carr’s paper and it would come out on the editor’s end. Carr thought that was “bull-shit.”

Carr talks about his problem with podcasts. He does not like podcast because they are not searchable because they are too long. He prefers short form video and text because they are searchable.

He also touches on topic of  the time and commitment to blogging.  He says, “Once you get the bug, it will freaking eat you alive.”  He has written 130, 000 words about the Oscars on his blog last year.

Carr talks about some of the practices that Public Relations professionals use. He states that alot of them will no longer work. He said most Publc Realtions people do not lie, and if they do they end up out of business. But they do shave corners and ignore certain facts, and Carr doe not think those practices work any more.


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