My Interview of a PR Professional

      The PR professional that I had the pleasure of interviewing was Pamela R. Purifoy of PR Communications Group, LLC; “Bold Concepts Bright Solutions in Public Relations & Marketing.” Ms. Purifoy attended the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor where she majored in Mass Communications and African and Afro-American Studies. She started off in the industry in advertising. But, she soon realized “the power of the pen” and shifted to PR. The professional organizations that she is involved in are: NABJ a local affiliate, TABJ, and NBPRS.  I met Ms. Purifoy on Twitter, and she agreed to allow me to interview her.

     Ms. Purifoy usually beigns her day around 4:40-4:45 am. Her typical week is filled with meetings and lots of phone calls. This is ironic, because she really does not like talking on the phone. She has to answer “lots and lots” of emails that are of interest to her or could be beneficail to her clients. Every morning she watches the news on television and online to see what the headlines read.

    THe project that was most fun to her was The Bull Durham Blues Festival, because of all the entertainers and excitement it broguht to her local area. Project DIRECT, was her most informative. It was a diabetes intervention program that she launched and worked on for four years for the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention and the Wake County Health Department in the city of Raleigh, North Carolina.

     Writing is everything in Ms. Purifoy’s career. She feels that  if a person is not an effective communicator, there is no point in being in PR.  For someone starting out in the PR field she gives three tips: Be a reader. Be knowledgeable about various topics. Know how today’s news might impact your client or his/her business. She feels that in order to keep up with current events in the PR industry, you have to read everything.

     Ms. Purifoy believes technology has changed PR since she entered the field. The use of internet to dissiminate information and to atract new clientele is a big change. She uses technology all day and everyday. She said that because of the surge in social media, she finds herself “connected” to the internet all the time.

     Ms. Purifoy hires independent contractors; individuals that are able to work in whatever task she assigns them to. When hiring for an entry-level PR position, she looks for a candidate that can write coherently. She has noticed that a lot of students have a lack of intellectual development. She feels that is unacceptable for a Mass Communication or PR student to be clueless about the things going on in the world.

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  1. wow! This was really good, she seems like a great person to interview!

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