First of all I think the video of the two Domino’s employees was disgusting. It’s not on youtube anymore, and I am glad. If you haven’t seen the video I will give you a brief description of what happened.

Two Domino’s employees were left by their manager in the kitchen by themselves. One of the employees filmed, while the other put buggars and passed gas on sandwiches that were supposed to go out for delivery.  I can’t remember if they did anything else, but that was bad enough. Of course the employees were fired. They said it was just a joke, and the sandwiches were’nt sent out for delivery.

Social media is really growing rapidly. It’s amazing how Domino’s found out about these employees, because the video was spreading like wildfire over the internet.  This was definitely bad for the company. Even though the company had no idea that this was going on and had no control over the situation, it is really going to suffer.

Patrick Doyle, the President of Domino’s USA, issued an apology on behalf of the company.


~ by BHUG on April 20, 2009.

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