Technology and Isolation

Technology & Isolation

            I believe that technology isolates us. People are always on their “personal” computers and cellular phones.

Families don’t even sit at the dinner table anymore. Every member has a television in their room, so they all eat separately to watch their favorite shows. Kids are no longer going outside to play games with their neighborhood friends. They play video games inside on their Wiis, Play Stations, or computers. In some cases, kids have cell phones so they are tuned into those.

I’ve noticed that the dating scene has changed drastically. You don’t have to “talk” to your significant other anymore. You can just text, email, or IM. People can go a whole day without seeing their loved ones or hearing their voices…and it’d be fine because they’ve been connected to that person via technology all day. Now there is video chatting, so you can see and hear them, it’ not the same as being there with that person. I think it’s technology has made relationships lazy. You can be five minutes away from someone, but instead of going to see them text, email, or Skype.

Sometimes I see people in a room filled with people, but they are still in their own world. They are consumed with their phones and computers. So although they are not by themselves, they are still isolated. Technology allows for us to do virtually whatever we want, wherever we are. There is very little effort. I also think sometimes technology can bring us together, but for the most part I think it doesn’t.


~ by BHUG on August 23, 2010.

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