Domino’s Turn Around Campaign

I think that Domino’s has come a long way in the past year. It’s “New Inspired Pizza” campaign is one of the best campaigns to date. The company had a problem selling pizzas and keeping a good image with customers. The economy failing had a large part to do with a decrease in pizza sales, but Domino’s also ranked last in the taste category. Another thing that really damged Dominos’ image was a youtube video of two employees contaminating food and then sending it out for delivery.

In December 2009 the Domino’s “Turn Around” campaign introduced the new inspired pizza. It canned its nearly 50 year old recipe, and after testing dozens of cheeses, 15 sauces and 50 crust seasoning blends, Domino’s relaunched the its pizza.

The company then went on a guerilla marketing frenzy, acknowledging that their pizza was not the best and proclaiming that it had a new and improved recipe that it was the best. The company is listening to the negative things that consumers have to say, and steadily fixing the issues. Domino’s had viral videos all over the internet of employees finding customers who had bad mouthed its original pizza and giving them the new pizza. The customers were shocked and loved the new pizza recipe, and declared that they would be buying Domino’s again. It has another commercial of consumers in a focus group saying that “Domino’s doesn’t want us to know where its ingredients come from.” The company then takes those individuals to the actual dairy where where its cheese is made.

I think it’s genius for Domino’s to basically say we know our pizza sucked and we are going to fix it. Reaching directly out to the consumers and non-believers was a great idea as well. The company has gained more customers by just being honest, and I really admired that.

Check out one of Dominos’ viral videos:


~ by BHUG on December 7, 2010.

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